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Powerful Nature inspire me to create pure care!

As you are already here that means you are a skin lover like me!

I founded Priority cosmetics in 2020 whit intention to have healthy natural cosmetics.I have been aways in conection with Natuaral. It inspire me, renew and reborn.Since child my conection with natural is deep and strong.When I want to feel better I just go and look for place where I can admire to Mother nature.Priority cosmetics is inspired from Natural world, plants and Herbs extracts. I am so impresed to know the Natural is our native us. Resuerching is my hobby and I do it whit every ingredient for the purpose of my products.Selecting only quality ingredient from trusted sources and manifacturers Including highest percentage from every ingredients.I have spend a lots of hours studied about ingredients and searching for sаiantifical prove to its benefits.

In e every product I put my heart. I love to create whit my hands.My passion and my hobbies leads me to here, as I have been prepared for this whole life.I have studied bachelor in Agriculture from Bulgaria and the knowledge I gained helps me to understand the chemical composition of the plant oils and also their latin names. But to be familiar whit cosmetic chemistry and formulation I studied Diploma in Organic skin care buissnes and I plan to study Toxicology in the future.Because this is what I want to do! After 35 I found how important is to care for the skin, as you care for your health.


  • Safety
  • Qality
  • Efficiency
  • Purity
  • Healthy

Safety is our priority number one

Even our products are hand made they are very strictly tested for safety. Safety is our priority number one which we folow whit no exeptions.

Qality assurance

The purity of the ingredients is determined by the quality and is closely related to it, but it is also related to the Organically produced ingredients. The more Bio ingredients there are in a product, the more its purity increases, which is reflected mainly in the production of oils. The purer the plants from which the oils are produced, the cleaner and more effective will be the products containing them.

That is the reason for choicing over 90 percentage Organic ingredients in our products and supply our ingredients from trusted manufacturers!

Healthy skin

Last but not least, the importance of skin health. Pure and quality products on their own take care of the health of the skin. 60% of everything that is applied to the skin passes into the bloodstream. My priorities are pure, healthy and natural cosmetics. When you share your to share what results have been achieved by the RADIANCE serum for example,  I am happy with each of you. "I am glad to know that I can be usefull to those of you who have trusted me.